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Why You Need to Own and Train with Body Snatcher/Wrecking Ball Punching Bag

September 19, 2023

There are two punching bags you need to own.

First is a standard/banana bag. Second is a wrecking ball or body snatcher bag.

The reason you need to own a wrecking ball or body snatcher punching bag is to train uppercuts, hooks, elbows, overhands and various angled strikes that are difficult to execute on a standard bag.

When using the standard banana bag, all you can throw are straight punches, body/head hooks and cross elbows but as far as uppercuts, various angled hooks, overhands or angled and upward elbows, forget about it.

You need to put down the repetitions for all these strikes so you have the muscle memory to execute in a fight. Otherwise your mind and body will not make that connection.

If you don't drill them, you won't throw them.

Also this is NOT an aqua bag. It is a wrecking ball or body snatcher bag. Many people confuse the two due their shape. Aqua bags are filled with water. Body snatcher bags are filled primarily with shredded clothes and some sand or sawdust.

You Need This Punching Bag

You need to own the body snatcher/wrecking ball bag. It is a must have for any fighter. There is no other bag that gives you the ability to work your angled hooks and uppercuts as much as this bag does.

Get one of the two bags here:

Video Breakdown

What Bag to Get

The body snatcher bag I own is the Ringside 65-pound Body Snatcher.

I've had this bag since December of 2015 and it has been one of the most durable punching bags I've owned.

Over the last few years I've used the body snatcher bag more than the standard bag because I've been focused more on boxing.

The weight you want is anything above 60+lbs. It'll be heavy enough where it doesn't swing so much where you have to wait for the bag to come back. But moves enough where you can incorporate head movement and footwork.

When buying a bag, make sure you get the one that is pre-filled. This means it'll be ready to hang and punch. There are many bags that are not filled and you have to find the content to fill it yourself. This is usually shredded clothes and some sand or sawdust.

The Ringside 65-pound Body Snatcher bag I own is this one. It sometimes sells out and becomes unavailable. If you wait long enough, it usually comes back for sale again.

However, I've been looking at this Prolast Wrecking Ball Bag 75+lbs and may buy it when the time comes.

Training Outside

I train outside. So this bag has withstood the Florida humid heat. However I don't leave it out in the rain. I hang the bag up and take it down every time I train to store it in the shed.

Bag Condition So Far

The bag is coming up on 8 years by end of 2023 and I'm impressed with durability of the bag so far. It lasted me a long time, unlike some of the standard banana bags which tend to tear a lot sooner.

However there are some things that begun to show wear and tear. Primarily around the straps. Two of them are withering away and will end up breaking soon. But not yet.

Downsides of This Bag

There are some downsides if you are only training with this bag.

First it hangs too high so you can't low kick or side kick. Also too high to throw knees properly.

Second is you can't target the body properly such as throwing body hooks or jabs/crosses to the body.

But this is why you need a second bag - the standard banana bag.

Training with the Body Snatcher Bag

In the "Fundamental Four" instructional course there is an in-depth video where I cover how to begin using the Body Snatcher bag to drill your 4 essential punches and 4 essential combinations. You can get access to the full course here.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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