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Training Routine #8: Simulate Exhausting Fight Cardio with This Dumbbell Complex and Jump Rope

July 06, 2023

Training your cardio is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the intensity of a fight.

You will never feel more tired in your life than when you are in a fight. This is why many of these routines I share with you, focus on fight cardio.

In this fight cardio routine is a two exercise circuit.

Circuit is when you do 2 or more exercises in a row without rest.

The two exercises are:

  • Dumbbell pushup to overhead press
  • Jump rope

In this routine I used 2x35lb dumbbells and this jump rope.

You will do the dumbbell complex for 10-15 reps then right into 2 minute of jump rope.

If you mess up on the jump rope, get back in it and continue. Jump for 2 minutes.

After the dumbbell complex you will be tired. Use the jump rope to train yourself for active recovery. This simulates a fight where you explode and exhaust yourself punching, kicking, grappling for hard minute then have to continue fighting. The jump rope will train you to actively recover while still moving.

Once you do these two exercises back to back, rest for 1-2 minutes. Then repeat the circuit again for 3-5x total.

Dumbbell Complex to Jump Rope Circuit Breakdown:

  • 2 exercises done one after another without rest
  • Dumbbell pushup to overhand press is done as one exercise in one continuous motion
  • Aim to start with 10-15 reps for the dumbbell complex
  • Each additional set
  • Jump rope 2 minutes
  • Additional sets, match the amount of reps for dumbbell complex from previous set or do few less reps
  • Rest 1-2 minutes between the circuits
  • Repeat 3-5x

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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