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Training Routine #7: Ring Dips and Ring Pulls Circuit Strength Training

June 22, 2023

In previous training routines we focused on fight cardio. But in this routine we'll focus on strength training for fighting.

For nearly all strength training and fight cardio I do circuits.

Circuits are when you do 2 or more exercises one after another without rest. Then once you've done all the exercises, you rest.

In this training routine you'll combine opposite movements that benefit each other. A pull and a push.

The two exercises are ring dips and ring pulls. You will do a set amount of reps for ring dips then go right into ring pulls. Rest after for 2-3 minutes. Do for 5 sets.

You need to incorporate training with gymnastics rings due to the instability which helps to build raw upper body strength and power.

For many of the bodyweight strength training I like to add a 20lb weighted vest.

  • 2 exercises done one after another without rest
  • Ring dips and ring pulls (you can start with dips or pulls or alternate each set)
  • Each set do as many reps as you can with good form
  • Match the amount of reps from one exercise to the other
  • For additional sets do the same amount of reps from previous set or do few less reps
  • Rest 2-3 minutes
  • Repeat 5x

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you'll be spending majority of your life training solo (from home or on the road). Working on technique, drilling, developing strength and cardio. I've been training all my life. Here are some of the best programs and courses to start or continue fight training from home.


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