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Fighter's Pull-Ups: New Way to Do Pull-Ups While Building Leg Strength for Grappling/Wrestling

July 09, 2024

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for upper body.

It will help to build key strength for wrestling, grappling and punching.

It is one of the staples in my training.

However when you reach a certain level, standard pull-ups without any added resistance become too easy. You don't feel you are actually working until you get to 10+.

You can add weighted vest or weighted belt to increase resistance and this will work.

But I have a better solution for you.

Video Breakdown

Using a Slam Ball (Recommended)

Take a slam ball and squeeze it between your feet or your thighs. Then start doing pull-ups.

The weight of the slam ball will add additional weight resistance to the pull-ups while working your legs.

Using a Dumbbell

If you don't have a slam ball then substitute it with a dumbbell.

It's not going to be as effective as the slam ball. You can't pinch the dumbbell between your thighs and you won't use the full squeeze of your feet but it will add additional weight resistance.

Bodyweight Only

Another variation you can do will only require your bodyweight.

As you do pull-ups, extend your feet in from of you. This will engage more of your core along with upper body.

If that's too difficult, you can bring your knees up instead.

It's all about maximizing your time during the training session by engaging more body parts into a single movement.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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