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Tips and Techniques On How to Target the Liver and Bring Down Someone Bigger, Better, Stronger

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December 12, 2023

Liver is a large organ on the right side of your body. If you punch, kick or knee the liver just right, a bigger, better, stronger opponent will go down every time. You can't breathe, your body shuts down and you drop to the floor.

There are a lot of liver finishes in fights. Yet still many don't utilize nor train this devastating strike.

So I will share few very important tips to help you start targeting the liver.

The Breakdown

Where the Hell is the Liver?

The liver is on the right hand side of the body. Right below the floating ribs. This is what you want to target.

But anywhere near this area will cause pain if thrown with correct timing and enough power.

Use your left side punches, kicks and knees to target the liver. There are specific strikes you need to use but more on these later.

Remember: Left = Liver.

Targeting the Liver on the Heavy Bag

Two ways to help you target the liver while working the punching bag.

  • Put duct tape around the mid-section where the liver is
  • Visualize where the liver is

If you are a beginner, duct tape will be extremely helpful. For advanced guys with experience, you can just visualize your opponent and where their liver is then target that spot.

Which Punches, Kicks and Knees to Use

You will have two ranges from where you can hit the liver from. Outside and in-close.

  • For outside you'll use: punches, kicks and step-in knees or counter knees.
  • For in-close you'll use: punches and knees.

Next comes the different strikes you can throw.

Most commonly used punch to throw to the liver is a left body hook.

Most commonly used kick to throw to the liver is a left round house.

There is another kick that can be used to target the liver and that's a front kick. The part you kick with to dig deep into the liver is the sole or technical term metatarsalgia. Not an often used kick to the liver but effective and simple to modify and execute.

Then you have your left knee which should be throw from southpaw stance for maximum power.

These are the highest percentage strikes you want to focus. But the key to targeting the liver with them comes from combinations, fight stance and setups. All these are covered in more detail in the instructional course.

Orthodox and Southpaw Stances

You need to target the liver from both stances: Orthodox and Southpaw.

  • Orthodox: left side forward
  • Southpaw: right side forward

However, Southpaw will have an advantage over Orthodox. From Southpaw you will generate more power because your left lead strikes become rear strikes.

You can still throw your lead lefts with power. This will come from body rotation and setups such as when you throw across to lead left hook.

But from Southpaw, the left strikes are thrown from the back. Your left hook becomes rear hook. Your left roundhouse becomes a power left roundhouse. Your left knee becomes a rear power knee. The harder you hit the liver, the more likely you'll bring them down.

Utilizing the Switch from Orthodox

The switch is when you quickly perform a jump switch from orthodox to southpaw to throw a left roundhouse to the liver.

It'll take a bit of time to become natural with it but once you get it right, you'll have a powerful technique to target the liver.  Without actually switching to Southpaw then having to deliver the combination, you do it from Orthodox and the switch becomes part of the combination.

The combination is: Jab > Cross > Switch > Roundhouse to Liver.

Becoming the Liver Hunter

These were just a few tips to help you get started but we go deeper in "The Liver Hunter" instructional fight course. Learn how target the liver and bring down a bigger, stronger, better opponent with a single strike to the body.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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