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How to Shut Anyone Down by Using "Lead with a Jab" and "Leave with a Jab" Technique

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January 31, 2024

What does it mean to "lead with a jab" or "leave with a jab"?

It simply means this:

  • Lead with a Jab: before you deliver your combination you lead by throwing a jab first, setting up your combination
  • Leave with a Jab: after you are done throwing a combination, you throw a jab while moving out of range or while getting an angle

Let's break this down further on why and how to use this more effectively.

Video Breakdown

Lead with a Jab

There are two methods of incorporating "lead with a jab".

  • Using a jab to lead with then delivering your combination
  • Using a jab to lead that is is already part of a combination

First option is to use jabs as lead in by throwing them out there to gauge a reaction. Then when you see an opening you follow up with your chosen combination.

Second option is if the jab is already part of the combination then you can go right into the combination using the jab as the lead in.

"Lead with a jab" also applies when throwing kicks.

A lot of guys throw single kick - single round house to the leg, single front kick. Eventually after few single kicks, a good fighter is going to time you and counter you. Not to mention single kicks are easily telegraphed.

By throwing a jab before throwing a kick, you increase chances of landing.

Leave with a Jab

"Leaving with a jab" is when throw a jab after you've delivered your combination.

Whatever the combination is, after you are done - you snap a jab or few jabs as you move out or reposition.

After you are done throwing your combination, there is a high chance of a counter. You've thrown your shots, now it's time for your opponent to throw.

By "leaving with a jab" is enough to disrupt any potential counter.

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