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How to KO Someone Who Aggressively Pressures You (How Rashad KO'ed Liddell) - Lateral Movement, Jab, Cross/Overhand

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March 30, 2024

In a fight there is usually an aggressor.

The one who comes in heavy handed, pressuring and pushing. Especially in a street fight.

All you need to do to combat this are 3 things: move laterally, constantly jab and throw a power cross or overhand.

Let's break each of these down in detail so you can execute this when it matters.

Video Breakdown

Rashad vs Liddell

At UFC88, Rashad fought Chuck Liddell.

Liddell was very flat-footed and was coming in heavy with his hands down, head hunting.

Rashad on the other hand was moving around constantly. Never setting. Never standing still. Moving laterally, pawing and feinting with jabs, moving his head on execution.

Then an overhand connected that put Chuck to sleep. His body dropped like a sack of potatoes. You could see Chuck's soul leave his body.

Constant Lateral Movement

First step is to use your footwork. More specifically, lateral movement.

Hard to hit someone who is constantly moving.

Lateral movement is moving side to side.

The way you utilize lateral movement is to shuffle side to side.

The key is to NOT get your feet close to each other as you move.

Don't move side to side by bringing your one foot close to the other narrowing your stance and removing your balance.

Whichever direction you move that's the foot that should move first.

So if you are moving left, then move the left foot first.

So if you are moving to the right, then move the right foot first.

Your first step will make your stance wider and more balanced then you bring the other foot back to your fight stance.

Stay light as you move. Be able to go back and forth on moment's notice.

Also remember, when moving laterally you don't have to be standing sideways and be square facing your opponent.

You can and should be in a fight stance as you move laterally.


As you move laterally, begin to throw your jab.

I've covered the jab extensively here on the blog as well as in the Fundamentals Vol.1 course. It is one of the most important punches you need to master.

Focus on throwing a snapping jab and a pawing jab.

The jabs is what will set up your eventual power shot - overhand or the cross.

As you throw your jab, stay loose. Keep your hands up and move.

Using the jabs to gauge distance and to keep him from coming in and throwing his shots. Keep distracting him with the jab. But also make sure to land with few snapping jabs. Cause damage with some of them.

Cross or Overhand

To land the power shot you can throw a cross or an overhand. Either one will work.

The key is to move your head off the centerline as you do it.

Cross or overhand will land as long as you've used your jab to set that up.

You could throw the cross or overhand without moving your head off the centerline and land, all about timing. But moving your head off the centerline ensures you don't get hit with a counter.

In a fight, Rashad actually moved his head off the centerline when he threw his overhand. At the same time Liddell threw an uppercut but missed.

Tips on How to Drill This

This is not a beginner drill. You have many different movements happening at the same time. You have lateral movement, then moving and jabbing, then throwing a cross/overhand.

If you jump into this without breaking it down first, you'll make a lot of mistakes.

Start with lateral movement first. Get that down. Move side to side while in fighting stance. Visualize your opponent pressuring you as you move out of the way. Build up the legs.

Then introduce throwing the jabs as you move side to side. Throw pawing jabs, snapping jabs and move at the same time.

Then introducing throwing a cross or overhand.

Begin with drilling using three different speeds : slow, flow, fast (high pace).

  • Slow: you throw very slow at snail pace and often leaving your strikes out there to check body mechanics. Every strike is thrown slow to make your body used to the movement.
  • Flow: you throw with various speed but no snap, whip or power. You just flow through the movement to train your muscle memory.
  • High Pace: you throw all punches with various speed, snap, whip and power as if you are sparring or fighting.

Last Important Tip: when you move and strike, both of your feet should be planted on the ground at the moment of impact. Move around, be light on your feet but when your power shot lands, make sure your feet are planted to generate the maximum power required for a KO.

Jabs Win Fights

Jabs win fights. Learn how to throw the jab and the cross so you can begin to land your shots and take people out. Get the Fundamentals Vol.1 (Fundamental Four) instructional course.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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