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Improve Your Wrestling and Fighting Throws with an Overhead Kettlebell Toss

July 27, 2023

Kettlebell toss is it is a movement that will train the same mechanics and muscles utilizing your explosiveness and your torque in order to execute a wrestling throw such as a suplex or a lateral throw.

You're going to grab a Kettlebell or a Dumbbell and then explode up with your legs, bridging back, tossing the weight over your head and away.

This is a great exercise to add either at the beginning or at the end of your training as a finisher. You can also do this as supplemental work on your day off.

Video Breakdown

Building Up the Bridge Mobility

Bridging is a standard wrestling movement but if you've never done this before then you need to develop the mobility and strength to execute.

First, get the movement down without any weights by training the muscles of your back to bridge. Simply bridge back while standing without going into a full bridge. Just lean back as if you are executing a Kettlebell toss but without the weight.

Another great exercise to start with is wall walks.  This is where you do a bridge with help of a wall. You bridge back, touching the wall then use the wall to walk down as far as you can to do a full bridge. Hold it for few seconds then come back up.

There are many other additional bridging exercises you can do that are outside the scope of this post. One of the best books I've seen on the topic is Convict Conditioning.

Heel Position

Heel position can vary. You can either be on your toes or have the feet fully planted with heel on the ground. Either one works.

Adding the Weight and Generating Explosive Power

If doing this for the first time, start with a lighter weight.

Most important thing to remember - this is NOT a toss using your arms. You have to involve your entire body.

Imagine you're going to be picking up your opponent. Utilize your entire body starting from the legs to your hips and then bridging back and tossing the weight away from you.

Explode with the hips and arch your back, snapping the weight with your hands away from you.

No Kettlebell, No Problem - Use Dumbbell

This works better with a Kettlebell but if you don't have one then you can use a dumbbell.

Training Routine

As a workout you can start with 5 sets and 10 reps each set.

You can also implement a decreasing ladder. This is where each additional set, you decrease the amount of reps.

So you start with 10 reps on the first set then do 8 reps on the second set, 7 reps on the third and so on.

The amount of reps you do will vary on your weight and level of conditioning.

I like doing 5 set decreasing ladder reps in most of my strength training. Depending how I feel that day, I may stick with 10 reps for first 3 sets then decrease the reps on last 2 sets.

After each set, rest 1-3 minutes.

Kettlebell toss is a great exercise you should implement into your fight training.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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