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How to Develop Deadly, Suffocating and Unbreakable Grip

April 15, 2024

What does it take to develop suffocating death grip?

The type of grip when you get a hold of someone's wrist or when you grasp hands together and squeeze, no one is able to break it.

Developing this type of suffocating and unbreakable grip comes from specific set of exercises you need to implement into your training on regular basis.

In this post I'm going to show you what they are and how to train it...

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Grappling and wrestling should be the first way you train to develop the sensitivity of push and pull. How much to squeeze and how much to relax.

Farmer Carry

Most popular excise for training grip is farmer carry. But most make a mistake while doing it that doesn't work the grip.

Most use a dumbbell. They grab the heaviest one and walk around with it. But most dumbbells have narrow bar and that doesn't stress enough grip. It works your forearms and shoulders but not much grip.

The key to farmer carry is to open your hand more - wider grip.

Kettlebells usually have wider handle, so you can do farmer carry with KBs. Here are the weights I own: 35lbs, 50lbs and 70lbs.

But better way is to take the dumbbell and rotate it. Grab the head of the dumbbell, the wider part.

Doing farmer carry this way will work your grip a lot more. You may have to go down in weight as you won't be able carry same heavy weight as you did with narrow grip.

Another addition is to use a towel and wrap it around the dumbbell bar or Ketttlebell handle. This will force you to open the hand and work the grip more.

Pinching Plates

Pinching plates is an old school exercise I don't see much of anymore.

It's very similar to farmer carry.

Grab two barbell plates and put them together with flat part on the outside, pinching the plates together with your hand. This will work the muscles of your hand and fingers that's very different than any other exercise.

Hold or carry for time or until failure.

Pull-Ups and Variations

Pull-ups are fantastic way to build up your grip while also strengthening upper body.

There are two variations you can begin to implement to work your grip with pull-ups.

First option is widening your grip on pull-ups.

Most pull-up bars have a narrow grip but if you can get yourself a thicker pull-up bar grip, the better.

If you can't find thicker pull-up bar grip then wrap a towel around the thin bar.


Second is to do towel pull-ups. Take a towel and throw it around the pull-up bar. Grab the towel on each side and start doing pull-ups. Also try to get a wide grip around the towel. Open your hand up more.

This also simulates a functional strength where you grabbing onto someone's clothes.

Isometric Holds

Isometric holds is another way to develop unbreakable grip.

Hold on to a pull-up bar for time or until failure.

If you have narrow grip bar, then use a towel for wider grip.

If that's too easy then do one arm hangs. When one arm gets tired and about to give out, switch to the other.

Still too easy? Do one arm hang and hold weight with the other hand. You can also do this with a weighted vest. Such as this 20lb vest.

Heavy Bag Carry

Heavy bag carry is one of my favorite exercises to work the unbreakable grip and the suffocating squeeze.

Up to this point you've isolated the grip carrying things, doing isometric holds or doing thick grip pull-ups. But you haven't worked on the squeeze.

Heavy bag carry is it.

Grab the heaviest punching bag you have. Pick it up, clasp your hands around it using any grip and squeeze. Heavy bag similar to the one I use which is 100lb.

You can do this using a single grip, constantly change the grip or don't grip your hands and only work the squeeze.

I recommend you also implement walking around with the bag to make it more functional.

When you can't hold on anymore, drop the bag give it a bit of rest. Then pick it up and repeat.

Metal Grips

Metal grips are great way to work the grip anytime and anywhere.

These should be supplemental work. Not something you do during your regular training session.

Do these anytime any downtime you have such as watching tv, watching fights, sitting in traffic or flying.

Do these for reps, for time or until failure. You can also squeeze and hold until failure.

Here is a set of metal grips you can get.

How to Implement Training Grip Work

First begin to switch certain exercises to a wider, thicker grip. Such as using thicker bars or wrapping a towel around the bar.

When you do farmer carry, do the modified wider grip carry.

Second is to work your grip at the end of your training session as a finisher.

Add 5-10 minutes at the end of a training session. Then pick 1 exercise to do for grip work.

Do any of these exercises listed in the post for time, reps or until failure and only for 5-10 minutes.

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