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Beginner Punching Tips (Part 4/4): Rear Uppercut (Fundamental Four)

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September 12, 2023

The fourth punch in the fundamental four is a rear uppercut.

There are four essential strikes that you need to master as a beginner and strikes you forever come back to as you get more experienced.

You never stop drilling these four.

The fundamental four are:

In this 4-part series you will learn how to execute and throw each of these four strikes correctly.

Make sure you watch all videos in order first. The knowledge of each strike is layered from one to another, methodically. Then you can re-watch the videos in any order.

Video Breakdown

Fundamental Four Course

Remember that this series is just the beginning. If you want a deep dive and complete breakdown of how to master each of the 4 punches, 4 essential combinations and much more - you'll need the Fundamental Four instructional course.

Throwing the Rear Uppercut

The rear uppercut can be thrown two different ways: as a quick flash uppercut or as a power uppercut.

This post is focused on the power uppercut.

Similar to the lead hook, miminize throwing the rear uppercut as a single strike. Single uppercut open you up to devastating counter due to how much you have to lower your hand to deliver the punch.

It's perfectly fine to drill single uppercuts. But avoid throwing single uppercuts when sparring or fighting, especially as a beginner. If you do then set them up with feints or as a counter.

When you throw an uppercut, the fist should never extend past your chin/nose.

Fist position should be with the palm facing you and the elbow in alignment with the fist - straight line.

There are variations of the uppercut thrown at an angle but as a fundamental uppercut, the fist should be aligned below the elbow in a straight line.

Now there can be a slight angle just not so much where it becomes a rear hook or a variation of the uppercut.

Also remember to always bring the opposite hand back to your chin as the uppercut is thrown.

When you throw the rear uppercut and it connects bring it back right to your chin right away in a straight line. You don't need to do loop it back down the same way it came. Protect yourself faster by bringing it straight back.

Generating Power on the Uppercut

The power for the rear uppercut comes from the same place as all other power shots – the ground. Starting from your legs to hips to upper body and then transferred to your fist. The only adjustment you need to make on the uppercut is a slight squat to drive the uppercut up.

You have to incorporate a small squat from the legs before you come up to deliver the uppercut.

Do not load up the uppercut too much. The key is to not expose your chin too much. You do have to drop the uppercut down slightly in order to throw it but this movement should be minimal. Keep the motion short and use more of your body to create the power.

Drilling the Rear Uppercut

Similar to the other three strikes, begin to drill the rear uppercut individually. Get the proper mechanics and technique right. Star doing the same thing using the 3 movement drills mentioned previously. Slow, flow and high pace.

  • Slow: you throw very slow at snail pace and often leaving your strikes out there to check body mechanics. Every strike is thrown slow to make your body used to the movement.
  • Flow: you throw with various speed but no snap, whip or power. You just flow through the movement to train your muscle memory.
  • High Pace: you throw all punches with various speed, snap, whip and power as if you are sparring or fighting.

Keep in mind all the proper mechanics. From the fist position to the rotation of the hips and the slight dip down to generate power.

Continue to use a mirror as you drill all your strikes as well as video recording yourself and watching it back.

This is the body position of the rear uppercut you should aim for:

Fundamental Four Course

These are just few of the tips and important points to keep in mind when throwing the rear uppercut. But there is a lot more to cover.

Take a deep-dive into the complete Fundamental Four instructional course.

You'll learn how to throw all 4 fundamental punches every fighter needs to master. As well as 4 essential combinations.

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