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Beginner Punching Tips (Part 2/4): Power Cross (Fundamental Four)

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August 01, 2023

The second punch in the fundamental four is a power cross.

There are four essential strikes that you need to master as a beginner and strikes you forever come back to as you get more experienced.

You never stop drilling these four.

The fundamental four are:

In this 4-part series you will learn how to execute and throw each of these four strikes correctly.

Make sure you watch all videos in order first. The knowledge of each strike is layered from one to another, methodically. Then you can re-watch the videos in any order.

Video Breakdown

Fundamental Four Course

Remember that this series is just the beginning. If you want a deep dive and complete breakdown of how to master each of the 4 punches, 4 essential combinations and much more - you'll need the Fundamental Four instructional course.

Rear Cross is Your Power Shot

Jab is your set up shot. Rear cross is your power shot.

But before you throw the cross, you need to be aware of the proper body mechanics. From leg position, to body, to hands and how to generate power. While avoiding common mistakes that can get you KOed.

Extend Your Cross

Number one mistake when throwing a cross is NOT fully extending on the punch and crowding the bag. This makes you lose reach, speed and most importantly power.

You need to be fully extended on the cross.

This extension comes from the hip twist and the body rotation. As well as knowing the correct distance you need to be away from the bag and your opponent.

Remember: you can be a lot further from the bag to hit with the cross than you realize.

Know your distance and rotate. This will give you full extension. Punching bag is a great tool to train your distance.

This extension and rotation also gives you something very important - POWER.

Power Comes from the Ground

Another mistake on the cross is lack of power.

Most guys throw the cross with an arm and a shoulder instead of utilizing their entire body.

Power starts from the ground then moves up through your legs, hips, body torque and only then all this power is transferred to your arm and hand. Ultimately landing on target.

Here is what your cross should look like on delivery, with legs, hips and body rotated.

Rotate Your Fist

Just like with the jab, you need to rotate the fist on the cross.

Knuckles need to be horizontal with palm facing the ground. This gives you the torque and the rotation of the hand to drive through your target giving you a bit more power.

Don't Load Up the Cross

Common mistake is loading up on the cross. This means pulling your rear hand back in order to generate more power. This telegraphs the cross and let's your opponent know what you are about to throw.

Instead, you need to throw the cross right from your chin and right from the fight stance without loading up.

Remember: you don't get the power from winding up. Power comes from your legs, hips and body.

Bring Back to Chin and Don't Loop

The cross needs to be thrown straight. Don't loop it and don't angle it. Otherwise it becomes a different strike.

The opposite hand (the jab hand) has to come back to your chin when the cross is out there.

Then when you retract the cross, make sure you also bring it back in a straight line. Don't loop it down. Bring the cross back to your chin.

Out of Balance and Reaching

Another common mistake is being out of balance when delivering the cross. This has to do with your initial fight stance and your feet position. If your feet are on a centerline, it makes you out of balance when you twist and rotate your hips - robbing you of power.

Imagine there is a center line that is right below you:

You do not want to have your feet on that center line. Left foot should be on one side and right foot on the other side.

This will ensure proper balance in your fight stance and when you throw the cross and you need to rotate and twist your body.

If both of your feet are on that centerline, this will make you out of balance when you throw your power cross.

I cover the fight stance in more detail in the Fundamental Four course.

Another common mistake is leaning too forward and getting yourself out of balance when throwing the cross.

You should be over your feet as you twist and rotate to deliver your cross. You can lean forward a bit but do not lean too far out putting you out of balance and easy to counter.

Drilling the Cross

When drilling the cross - start with individual punch. No combinations yet. Drill the body mechanics first.

Keep all the principles covered in this video and post as you drill.

Start with the following three ways. Building speed and power:

  • Slow: you throw very slow at snail pace and often leaving your strikes out there to check body mechanics. Every strike is thrown slow to make your body used to the movement.
  • Flow: you throw with various speed but no snap, whip or power. You just flow through the movement to train your muscle memory.
  • High Pace: you throw all punches with various speed, snap, whip and power as if you are sparring or fighting.

Use a mirror as you drill the cross shadow boxing so you can check your technique in real-time.

Apply the same drilling principles on the punching bag.

On the bag, video record yourself then check after each round so you can fix mistakes.

Anytime you notice making mistakes, slow down.

Fundamental Four Course

These are just few of the tips and important points to keep in mind when throwing the power KO cross. But there is a lot more to cover.

Take a deep-dive into the complete Fundamental Four instructional course.

You'll learn how to throw all 4 fundamental punches every fighter needs to master. As well as 4 essential combinations.

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