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Flow Then Explode: Improve Your Striking with a Drill From Floyd Mayweather

May 25, 2024

Fighting is all about tension and relaxation.

You need to be able to go from one to the other in a split of a second.

This allows you to be fast, have the snap and the whip needed to land and not waste a lot of energy while you do it.

Most of the high level fighters have this. One of them is Floyd Mayweather.

There is a drill he does that will help you develop this flow then explode ability.

I will breakdown Mayweather's drill and how can do to implement it on the punching bag

Video Breakdown

Flow Explode Punching Bag Drill

The key to being sharp, fast and throw your strikes with the snap that stings is to develop going from relaxation to tension in shortest amount of time.

Flow and explode drill helps you develop this.

Start on the punching bag . Stay completely relaxed and begin to flow with your punches. Simply touching the bag.

Begin with a simple jab before you add any other punches.

Touch the bag with jabs. Touch and flow. No power, no speed. Simple flow and technique. Then periodically explode and hit the bag with speed, snap and power. Then go back relaxation and flow.

Begin to introduce the cross along with the jab, then the hooks and the uppercuts.

For uppercuts you'll need to do this on the body snatcher punching bag.

Utilizing this drill into your training will help you to develop going from relaxation to tensions in a split second

Make sure you begin to use the principles I've covered in this post and video on how to develop the speed and the snap with your punches.

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