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Important Fight Stance Adjustments That Will Create Big Changes in Landing Your Strikes

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September 26, 2023

Smallest adjustments will bring the biggest results.

I will show you how to be more dynamic, harder to hit and hide your strikes so you can land them more often.

All this can be done with an adjustment to your fight stance.

Video Breakdown

Correct Fight Stance

In "Fundamental Four" course we went over the correct fight stance in-detail. Keep all the important points covered there on assuming the proper fight stance as you apply this adjustment.

The Important Adjustment

Remember to be relaxed and loose, ready to strike when you are in your fight stance. Never tight or tense.

Now, what is this important fight stance adjustment that makes you harder to hit and easier to land?

One word: movement.

Standing still makes you stiff, easier to hit and easier to see strikes coming.

But when you start adding movement of your hands, body and footwork - you become more dynamic.

Movement in your fight stance will help to hide the strikes you throw.

You also become difficult to hit. Because you are already moving and it becomes easier to move to defend because you are already moving.

It's harder to tell what you're going to do when you are already moving. Harder to see your strikes coming and makes it difficult to pick up on your intentions.

Start with the hands. Move your hands around a little bit. Add body movement next. Shift around. Never standing still and always moving. Like a video game character on a selection screen.

Then integrate footwork. Don't stand in one spot. Move around a bit. Forward, back, laterally.

You are now changing distance and moving your body and hands which makes it easier for you to start setting up your attacks.

Implement this fight stance adjustment during shadow boxing, bag work and of course, sparring.

Don't Exaggerate the Movement

As you apply movement to your fight stance, remember: you DO NOT need to exaggerate this movement. Subtle and conservative but constant.

The Importance of Correct Fight Stance

If you want to go deeper into how to assume the proper fight stance and begin to execute your four fundamental strikes from it: the jab, cross, lead hook and rear uppercut as well as the four essential combinations take a look at the "Fundamental Four" course. It will teach you the proper fundamental strikes every beginner needs to start and every high level fighter continuous to drill.

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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