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Training Feedback #2: Improving Footwork w/This One Tip and Being More Methodical When Striking

June 20, 2023

Video record yourself and watch it back. Whether it's shadow boxing, hitting the bag, grappling or sparring. You will always catch mistakes to fix.

Here is another feedback video that will help you.

What you'll learn from this Feedback video:

  • How to be less frantic when punching
  • One important tip to improve your footwork right now
  • How to maintain balance as you implement your footwork and angles with strikes
  • Avoid or eliminate spinning attacks unless you do this one thing
  • How to implement the Mike Tyson method of deliberate and methodical striking

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you'll be spending majority of your life training solo (from home or on the road). Working on technique, drilling, developing strength and cardio. I've been training all my life. Here are some of the best programs and courses to start or continue fight training from home.


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