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Training Feedback #1: Improve Punch Distance, Orthodox vs Southpaw and How to Generate Power

May 11, 2023

Learning to strike better you need feedback. Live feedback is the best feedback. If you can't get that, the next best thing is video feedback.

I received a video from Bill asking me to give him feedback and pointers on what to improve when hitting the bag. Decided to do a video commentary with tips and advice.

What you'll learn from this Feedback video:

  • Should you work technique on the bag before or after your weight lifting session?
  • How to improve punch distance when working the bag?
  • Maintaining proper technique on the jabs, crosses and jab > cross
  • Getting more reach on the jab and the cross
  • Mistakes why you are losing power on your punches
  • Where is punching power generated from?
  • Orthodox vs southpaw what is the difference and which stance should you focus on first?
  • How to strike with more authority?
  • And more more of what to do and what NOT to do

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you'll be spending majority of your life training solo (from home or on the road). Working on technique, drilling, developing strength and cardio. I've been training all my life. Here are some of the best programs and courses to start or continue fight training from home.


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