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Train Timing, Precision, Speed - How to Build You Own Double-End Reflex Ball

May 17, 2023

Timing, precision, speed - this is how you beat power.

If you want to train speed you need to do double end tennis ball. Speed bags are good but double-end reflex tennis ball is the next level.

Reflex ball is one of the best ways to train punch precision, timing and speed. It is a lot harder to hit a small tennis ball than a regular speed bag. You should train with both but a reflex ball will drastically improve your striking speed and precision.

Here is how to create one.

Video Instructions

Step-by-Step to Make Double-End Reflex Ball

You will need a tennis ball and an elastic band - both of these can be bought from Amazon. You will also need a small screwdriver.

Punch a hole all the way through the tennis ball using the screwdriver. Then use the screwdriver to run the elastic band to the other side.

Measure the elastic band so you have enough of distance on both sides. You will need to hang the reflex ball to the top of a ceiling or pull-up bar down to the ground. Ideally you want 4 feet on both sides. Total length of the elastic band should be about 8+ft.

Tie a bunch of small knots in in the middle of the elastic band:

These knots will be pushed through the hole in order to make sure the tennis balls does not slide down the elastic band. The amount of of knots will depends on size of the hole you made. In my case I tied about five or so. Once you have a bunch of knots, push them through the tennis ball hole and see if it holds up

Next step is to hang the reflex ball to see if it holds up after you throw down some strikes. I use my pull-up bar and a dumbell to tie the elastic band to.

Working the Reflex Ball

Work the reflex ball based on rounds. Such as 5-2min rounds as an example. You will be forced to develop speed and precision to hit the tennis ball multiple, consecutive times.

Buy a Reflex Ball Instead of Making It

If you don't want to make your own reflex ball then you can buy something similar off of Amazon like this. It's bigger than a tennis ball but it might do until you create one.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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