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Now Available: Sprawl and Brawl Solo Fight Cardio Program

May 01, 2024

"Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Fight Cardio Training Program" is now available.

It will help you to develop and maintain fight cardio to fight at high pace.

Best part of this program is it can be done anywhere, anytime and you only need 15 minutes, 4x per week with no equipment necessary.

In fact I've been doing this program myself for over a decade. Every time I train, I do this for 15 minutes. I start with mobility and flexibility routine for 10 minutes. Then I do 15 minutes of "Sprawl and Brawl" and then I do my main training session for 25 to 30 minutes.

Now for this program you do not have to be a fighter. I designed it to be extremely versatile for any skill level.

You can be a beginner, intermediate or advanced. In the PDF guide I outline how you can use it and attach it to existing training you are already doing or you can just follow the program by itself.

"Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Fight Cardio Training Program" is done and you can pick it up right now.

It includes:

  • Audio Files to listen and follow during training
  • PDF Program Guide
  • Video Breakdown

Get the "Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Fight Cardio Training Program" Here...

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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Program: Sprawl & Brawl Fight Cardio

Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Fight Cardio Training Program

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