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March 23, 2023

"How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? I don't want to die without any scars."

Welcome to Alexandrovich Unleashed website/blog. The place for Training, Fighting, Mindset.

My name is Alexander. I'm a former NHB/MMA fighter. 7-2.

My first NHB/MMA fight was in late December of 1998 at a night club in Ybor City. I fought a guy more experienced, who outweigh me by 30+lbs. At the time everyone was doing BJJ and not many wanted to stand up and strike, other than throw haymakers and brawl. Due to my high school wrestling and strong boxing/kickboxing experience, I was able to defend his takedowns, escape all submissions and then stand up to punish him on the feet. This won me my first fight and I got paid zero dollars from it.

For next 10+ years I've fought all over Florida. From bars, to night clubs, to barns and various martial art gyms.

At the time I fought term MMA didn't exist. It was called NHB or Vale Tudo. It was the most underground shit you've seen. No athletic commissions, no doctors, no medical checkups. You just show up and you fight whoever is willing to fight you. For nearly all my fights I had to fight someone who was bigger than me by 25-50lbs.

I never fought for money. In fact in the entire 10 years fighting, I got paid only once. A total of $450 and that was for my last fight which I won with a walk-off head kick KO.

For me it was never about the money. I did it because something inside me said I had to do it. So I did.

Fighting during this time was the Wild West of pre-MMA. It developed my life philosophy and training methods I use to this day.

You don't have to step into the ring/cage but you should at the very least train like a fighter. Make everything you do functional and fight specific. Your training needs to benefit you when it matters.

Although I recommend everyone gets a few fights in the ring/cage. You will never truly know yourself and what you are capable of until you train for a fight and have to show up to fight.

I've been ruminating on starting this website/blog for couple of years. Ever since I've launched Alexandrovich Unleashed Twitter account in July 2020. It was always something I wanted to do.

Now, 2.5 years later the website/blog is a reality.

Twitter's short form content and connections are important. But I always wanted to establish a hub. The Unleashed headquarters where you can always find me and we can keep touch. I also wanted to do more long-form content that Twitter Threads can't provide. This website/blog will fulfill that gap.

The primary focus of the website/blog is: Trainng, Fighting, Mindset.

  • How to make your training fight specific
  • Drills and techniques that will make you fight better, grip tighter, kick harder and punch faster
  • Developing the fighter's mentality inside and outside the ring/cage

The goal is to help you with training, fighting and developing mindset of a fighter in and outside the cage/ring.

I've trained and fought all my life. From middle school hallways to high school wrestling to No-Hold-Barred fights thrown in bars, clubs and even barns before the term MMA became a thing.

I no longer compete but I continue to train like I am getting ready for a fight. Always be fight ready.

Once you start training, you can never stop.

You train not because you want to or need to. You train because you absolutely have to. This isn't even a binary decision. There is nothing to decide or talk about. Today or tomorrow you train. That's it.

Training is the foundation for everything you build in life. Training is the way of life.

"Kill yourself in training, so you don't die fighting." - Alistair Overeem

You also need to stop working out. Everyone is working out, trying to get in shape.

From now on if you are lifting, running, shadow boxing, hitting pads, hitting the bag, sparring or rolling – you are no longer working out. You are training.

This is an important mindset shift you need to make.

Welcome to Alexandrovich Unleashed website/blog - Beginning of an Era.

There is a lot of content coming in the upcoming weeks and months to help you with training, fighting and the mindset of a fighter in and outside the cage/ring - stay tuned.

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Fight Training From Home Programs/Courses

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