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Sprawl & Brawl Audio Bonus Added: Sakuraba Inspired Cardio Session (15 Min Audio Drill)

Just added FREE bonus audio to the "Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Cardio Training Program".

It was inspired Sakuraba. An MMA legend who fought in Pride Championship and became known as the "Gracie Hunter". He was known for his unbelievable cardio, having fought 90+ minutes in a single fight. That's in addition of having to fight multiple fights in the same night.

In early 2000s, Sakuraba had a training program showing his fighting method. In one of the drills he shared calisthenics based cardio session. He would do a bodyweight exercise switching to a new exercise every 5 seconds on a round based system.

I got inspired to create something similar for you to implement. So I created an audio for you to use.

3 Double Jab Variations You Need to Add Into Your Fighter's Toolbox and Start Throwing

It's not secret fighter's knowledge, that the jab is the most important punch you have.But you can start landing jabs more consistently with one single adjustment.

Double up on them.

In this post and video I will breakdown 3 most effective double jab variations you can begin to drill and throw...

Fighter's Pull-Ups: New Way to Do Pull-Ups While Building Leg Strength for Grappling/Wrestling

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises for upper body. It will help to build key strength for wrestling, grappling and punching.

However when you reach a certain level, standard pull-ups without any added resistance become too easy. You don't feel you are actually working until you get to 10+.

You can add weighted vest or weighted belt to increase resistance and this will work.

But I have a better solution for you...

10-Min Flexibility and Mobility Routine To Do Every Time You Train

Flexibility and mobility is the most underused, underdeveloped and undertrained aspect of training and fighting.

Lack of it affects everything. Your speed, power, movement. You will get tapped easier due to lack of full range of movement. You can't kick as high, kick as fast or generate the full power in your strikes.

In this post I will breakdown my 10-min flexibility and mobility session I do every time I train...

Flow Then Explode: Improve Your Striking with a Drill From Floyd Mayweather

Fighting is all about tension and relaxation. You need to be able to go from one to the other in a split of a second. This allows you to be fast, have the snap and the whip needed to land and not waste a lot of energy while you do it.

Most of the high level fighters have this. One of them is Floyd Mayweather. There is a drill he does that will help you develop this flow then explode ability. I will breakdown Mayweather's drill and how can do to implement it on the punching bag

How to Beat and KO "The Biggest & Baddest Man on the Playground" (Fight Breakdown: Joshua vs Ngannou)

There are fights that you must watch as they have important fight lessons to teach. Such a fight is Joshua vs Ngannou.

It was a very short fight, only 1 1/2 rounds but it packs in a lot of fight lessons. Things you can take away immediately and begin to apply into your own training and drilling.

The fight came down to perfect execution of fundamentals.

In this post and video I will breakdown everything Joshua did to win the fight. Most importantly, things you can take away from it and apply to your own training...

Now Available: Sprawl & Brawl Solo Fight Cardio Training Program

"Sprawl and Brawl: Solo Fight Cardio Training Program" is now available.

It will help you to develop and maintain fight cardio to fight at high pace.

Best part of this program is it can be done anywhere, anytime, you only need 15 minutes, 4x per week with no equipment necessary and it can be done at any skill level...

How to Develop Deadly, Suffocating and Unbreakable Grip

What does it take to develop suffocating death grip?

The type of grip when you get a hold of someone's wrist or when you grasp hands together and squeeze, no one is able to break it.

Developing this type of suffocating and unbreakable grip comes from specific set of exercises you need to implement into your training on regular basis.

In this post I'm going to show you what they are and how to train it...

How to KO Someone Who Aggressively Pressures You (How Rashad KOed Liddell) - Lateral Movement, Jab, Cross/Overhand

In a fight there is usually an aggressor.

The one who comes in heavy handed, pressuring and pushing. Especially in a street fight.

All you need to do to combat this are 3 things: move laterally, constantly jab and throw a power cross or overhand.

Let's break each of these down in detail so you can execute this when it matters.

Head Movement Fight Training Tips and Drills When Working the Punching Bag

"Do you have any tips or drills for head movement when working the heavy bag?"

There is no difference when you are working head movement on the punching bag than when you are working head movement in shadow boxing, speed bag, rope drills, pads or sparring.

You transfer how you're moving and what you're doing from one to the other. You keep the same technique, movement, flow and pacing as  you transition from shadow boxing, to pads, to speed bag and to sparring.

Let me give you some specific tips to implement as you drill head movement on the punching bag.

Practical Guide to 3 Types of Jabs You Need to Know and Use

Jabs win fights.

There are 3 types of jabs you need to start using:

  • Snapping jab
  • Pawing jab
  • Power jab

I'm going to breakdown each of these jabs, tell you what they are used for and how to throw them.

Technical Striking Masterclass on How to Beat a Brawling Power Puncher (Topuria vs Emmett Breakdown)

"Brawl a technical striker and out strike a brawler. The one who can impose their game better - wins."

In Topuria vs Emmett fight that took place in Jacksonville, FL on June 24th, 2023 - Topuria was a better striker. The fight was a clear match up of styles. Topuria being a technical striker and Emmett being a brawler, a power puncher. Topuria put on a technical striking masterclass in the fight and showed how to beat someone who processes one-punch KO power.

In this breakdown you will learn how to be a more technical striker and beat a brawling power puncher.

How to Shut Down Your Opponent by Using "Lead with a Jab" and "Leave with a Jab" Technique

What does it mean to "lead with a jab" or "leave with a jab"?

It simply means this:

  • Lead with a Jab: before you deliver your combination you lead by throwing a jab first, setting up your combination
  • Leave with a Jab: after you are done throwing a combination, you throw a jab while moving out of range or while getting an angle

Let's break this down further on why and how to use this more effectively.

5 Ranges of Fighting, How to Use Them & One Key Aspect of Using 5 Ranges to Win Fights

There are 5 ranges of fighting you need to get good at.

These 5 ranges take you from outside to kicking to punching to clinch/wrestling to grappling.

Each of the ranges is its own discipline. You’ll have to get good at them all to be a complete fighter. But you NOT only need to be able to fight in each range, you also need to flawlessly transition from one range into another.

Best of Unleashed 2023

"It's amazing how physically exhausting it can be to do nothing."

Always be training, creating, building - never stand still.

One hit at a time, one post at a time, one video at a time. On a long enough timeline you'll build a body of work, something of value.

Consistency and repetition.

Welcome to the first best of Unleashed 2023. Complication of best posts, videos, courses and more...

Tips and Techniques On How to Target the Liver and Bring Down Someone Bigger, Better, Stronger

Liver is a large organ on the right side of your body. If you punch, kick or knee the liver just right, a bigger, better, stronger opponent will go down every time. You can't breathe, your body shuts down and you drop to the floor.

There are a lot of liver finishes in fights. Yet still many don't utilize nor train this devastating strike.

So I will share few very important tips to help you start targeting the liver...

Now Available: Becoming the Liver Hunter Instructional Fight Course

Becoming the Liver Hunter instructional course is NOW AVAILABLE.

Learn how to target the liver and bring down a bigger, stronger, better opponent with a single strike...

4 Drills to Develop Killer Punch Speed, Snap and Whip to Cause Damage

How to throw your punches with speed that cause damage?

Stop pushing with your punches and start throwing them with speed and snap.

You need to develop the striking WHIP.

In this post I will give 4 specific drills to help you develop this killer whip effect in your strikes.

Breakdown: What Punches Should You Start with as Complete Beginner Without Any Experience in Fighting, MMA, Boxing

"As a beginner without any prior experience in punching - what should you focus on?"

Fundamentals are your foundation. Everything gets built on top. Weak foundation, weak execution.

Every beginner starts with the fundamentals and every high level fighter comes back to drill the fundamentals.

Fundamentals are never flashy and they usually don't make the highlights. But it's what makes the highlight happen.

In this post I will focus on striking but the principles covered will apply to other fighting disciplines...

Can You Learn to Punch, Kick, Fight on Your Own? Solo?

"If you are a complete beginner and you have no experience and starting from the very bottom like you've never done this before can you learn striking and can you learn fighting by yourself?"

One of the frequently asked questions I get.

The short and quick answer to this is: you do need to have somebody to coach you one-on-one. You need that direct and in real-time feedback.

However there are levels to this and there is often a transition that usually happens with many fighters...

Important Fight Stance Adjustments That Will Create Big Changes in Landing Your Strikes

Smallest adjustments will bring the biggest results.

I will show you how to be more dynamic, harder to hit and hide your strikes so you can land them more often.

All this can be done with an adjustment to your fight stance...

Why You Need to Own and Train with Body Snatcher/Wrecking Ball Punching Bag

The fourth punch in the fundamental four is a rear uppercut.

The rear uppercut can be thrown two different ways: as a quick flash uppercut or as a power uppercut.

This post is focused on the power uppercut...

Beginner Punching Tips (Part 4/4): Rear Uppercut (Fundamental Four)

The fourth punch in the fundamental four is a rear uppercut.

The rear uppercut can be thrown two different ways: as a quick flash uppercut or as a power uppercut.

This post is focused on the power uppercut...

Beginner Punching Tips (Part 3/4): Lead Hook (Fundamental Four)

The third punch you need to know how to throw is a lead hook.

You have two punches which are straight shots - jab and cross. The lead hook is your angled power shot.

There are variations of the lead hook such as throwing it as a quick flash hook. In this posts we’ll focus on the throwing it as a power shot.

Drill to Help Keep Your Hands Up and Chin Down

Keeping hands up in fight stance is easy but keeping hands up and chin down when throwing strikes - that's difficult.

I will show you a simple, old school drill for training to keep your hands up and your chin down...

Beginner Drill to Get the Perfect Distance and Range on the Punching Bag

Distance and range control is one of the most important elements of fighting.

You need to get the right distance on the punching bag and this will also translate getting right distance on your opponent.

Most beginners have a difficult time judging distance of where they should be in order to land straight shots such as jabs and crosses or angled shots such as hooks and uppercuts.

Beginner Punching Tips (Part 2/4): Power Cross (Fundamental Four)

The second punch in the fundamental four is a power cross.

Here is how to throw a KO power cross and avoid common mistakes...

Improve Your Wrestling and Fighting Throws with an Overhead Kettlebell Toss

Kettlebell toss is it is a movement that will train the same mechanics and muscles utilizing your explosiveness and your torque in order to execute a wrestling throw such as a suplex or a lateral throw.

You're going to grab a Kettlebell or a Dumbbell and then explode up with your legs, bridging back, tossing the weight over your head and away...

Training Feedback #4: Throwing Combinations, Leg Kicks and Tightening Your Boxing

In this feedback it's all about throwing combinations, single punches/kicks, making a proper fist and throwing kicks...

Beginner Punching Tips (Part 1/4): Snapping Jab (Fundamental Four)

Most important strike and the first strike you need to learn to master is a jab.

Jabs win fights.

The type of jab we'll focus on in this post is a flick or snap jab. This is a fast jab that will be used to set up your shots such as a power cross.

Few important things to keep in mind as you throw the snapping jab...

Now Available: Fundamental Four Course - Essential 4 Punches Every Fighter Needs to Master

Fundamental Four instructional course is NOW AVAILABLE.

There are 4 essential strikes every fighter needs to learn and master. These four are your everything.

Before you start adding additional punches, different variations or even footwork and head movement - you must get good with these four first...

Training Routine #8: Simulate Exhausting Fight Cardio with This Dumbbell Complex and Jump Rope

Training your cardio is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for the intensity of a fight.

You will never feel more tired in your life than when you are in a fight. This is why many of these routines I share with you, focus on fight cardio.

In this fight cardio routine is a two exercise circuit...

Q & A: If You Could Only Train 2x Per Week and 1 Hour Each - What Would You Do?

"If you could train just two days per week Muay Thai how would you use each day (one hour)."

Received a question and wanted to expand on it. The question refers to Muay Thai but it can be applied to BJJ, MMA or boxing.

Can you train when limited on time and yet still get good at fighting?

You could if you structure your training right and are with the right people. This way you'll focus on essentials and not waste time.

I will give you 3 options on how you can maximize your time and get good on one hour each training session.

Training Feedback #3: Sparring - Front Kicks & Jabs, Combinations, Opponent Who Ducks His Head

Analyzing sparring or fight footage there are two things you need to keep in mind.

  • What you are doing well and what you can improve upon from mistakes you are making
  • What your opponent is doing and being able to see counters and holes in his game to capitalize on

In this feedback video we analyze a sparring session...

Training Routine #7: Ring Dips and Ring Pulls Circuit Strength Training

Everyone's enthusiastic until it is time to train cardio.

Here is another intense cardio circuit involving continuous plyometric movement using ropes.

You will need simple rope that can be hung between bars or chairs, dumbbell or slam ball and battling ropes...

Training Feedback #2: Improving Footwork w/This One Tip and Being More Methodical When Striking

Record yourself and watch it back. Whether it's shadow boxing, hitting the bag, grappling or sparring. You will always catch mistakes to fix.

Here is another feedback video that will help you.

The World Is Your Training Grounds - Train Outside

"Whom the gods wish to destroy, they give unlimited resources."

When we couldn't find a mat to grapple on or a ring to spar in we took it to backyards, garages, parks, parking lots, living rooms, empty bedrooms - anywhere with space was enough...

Principles for Developing Unbelievable Punch Speed (Snap and Whip)

Speed will beat power, every time.

But how do you begin to develop punch speed that everyone wants?

In this post I will tell you the principles you need to begin developing punch speed...

Training Routine #6: Ballistic Ropes Circuit Cardio

Everyone's enthusiastic until it is time to train cardio.

Here is another intense cardio circuit involving continuous plyometric movement using ropes.

You will need simple rope that can be hung between bars or chairs, dumbbell or slam ball and battling ropes...

Fight Notes #1: UFC Fight Night Yan Vs Dvalishvili

Fight card looked good but was mainly looking for Yan to beat up Dvalishvili - unfortunately that didn't happen.

But when watching fights it should be less about entertainment and more about studying and taking notes.

Here are the full, updated notes from UFC Fight Night: Yan vs Dvalishvili fight card.

Train Timing, Precision, Speed - How to Build You Own Double-End Reflex Ball

Timing, precision, speed - this is how you beat power.

If you want to train speed you need to do double end tennis ball. Speed bags are good but double-end reflex tennis ball is the next level.

Reflex ball is one of the best ways to train punch precision, timing and speed. It is a lot harder to hit a small tennis ball than a regular speed bag. You should train with both but a reflex ball will drastically improve your striking speed and precision.

Here is how to create one...

Training Feedback #1: Improve Punch Distance, Orthodox vs Southpaw and How to Generate Power

Learning to strike better you need feedback. Live feedback is the best feedback. If you can't get that, the next best thing is video feedback.

I received a video from Bill asking me to give him feedback and pointers on what to improve when hitting the bag. Decided to do a video commentary with tips and advice.

Here is what you'll learn from the 12+ min video...

Begin to Strengthen Your Wrist and Knuckles to Punch Bare Fist with Knuckle Pushups

At the beginning wearing gloves and wraps is important to help you protect wrist and knuckles so you don't break them. But they will give you a false sense of security. And eventually you need to be comfortable to punch without gloves or wraps...

Training Routine #5: Tire Flips to Jump Squats on Tire Cardio Circuit

Tire flips give you a way to use brute strength of picking up something heavy from the ground using your body as leverage then pushing it away from you. Tire flips work your entire body - legs, back, shoulders, arms and grip.

In this 2 exercise circuit, start with tire flips then go right into jump squats onto a tire. Do this for reps but could also be done for time.

Training Routine #4: Kettlebell Snatch to Burpees Cardio Circuit

Kettlebell and bodyweight circuit that will work your entire body.

The circuit includes two exercises - Kettlebell Snatches and Burpees.

Training Routine #3: Kettlebell Swing to Jump Rope Cardio Circuit

For fight cardio you need to do circuits.

In this cardio training routine you do KB swings and jump rope. One round will last you 3 minutes.

Training Routine #2: Brutal 2 Kettlebell Chain for Killer Cardio

Following fight cardio routine is brutal but it is extremely effective at improving your fight cardio.

You will need 2 kettlebells for this...

Training Routine #1: Old School Lion's Den Rope Drills for Fight Cardio

Old school cardio drill I learned from Lion's Den back in 2000s.

Lion's Den was one of the very first fight gyms started by Ken Shamrock. They were known for their fight cardio.

This cardio rope drill is very simple...

Complete Guide to Home Gym Equipment for Fight Training (Old School)

Old school training is the best training. Functional, gritty, simple and most importantly, effective.

But you need the right equipment for this.

Here is what I have and recommend in this MASSIVE POST...

Training with Bas Rutten Audio: Shadow Box, Bag Work and Cardio

Get into fight shape by having Bas Rutten yell at you to throw punches, kicks, knees and sprawl for continuous 30 minutes.

Bas Rutten is an MMA legend. A former kickboxer and MMA fighter. He was  a UFC Heavyweight Champion, a three-time King of Pancrase world champion, and finished his career on a 22 fight unbeaten streak (21 wins, 1 draw).

In 2008, Bas Rutten released audio workout CDs. I got them when they first came out and been using it ever since for 15+ years...

Beginning of an Era

"How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight? I don't want to die without any scars."

Welcome to Alexandrovich Unleashed website/blog. The place for Training, Fighting, Mindset.

I've been ruminating on starting this website/blog for couple of years. Ever since I've launched Unleashed twitter account back in July 2020. It was always something I wanted to do.

Now, 2.5 years later the website/blog is a reality...


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